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Somer’s Signature Art (S.S.A) Photo Club Membership

What is the S.S.A photo club? It is a chance to participate in unique creative pre-planned photoshoots for those wanting to build portfolios, self-promotional work and simply to just have fun creating images that will leave a lasting impression forever.

Not only will this help build confidence but it will give you a chance to gain body awareness helping you overcome your insecurities.  I love to photoshoot all shapes ages and sizes. I believe we ARE all unique, and I am so glad that every individual always brings something new to my work. "Self-confidence is the first requisite to great undertakings.”

♠ How it works

Sign up below, as you will only have to sign up once, this is a month to month agreement with a 60-day notice to cancel. Your payment of $59 will be automatically withdrawn on the same day every month just shoot me an email or give me a call to put in your notice in to cancel.

♥ Included

I designed this program to help get you the most for your money saving you 100’s of dollars on photo shoots. I see the same faces all the time and want to reward those who support my work, the more we work together, the better your photos will get.

As you may or may not be aware, I come up with monthly themes exploring new ideas for unique fun shoots. A top model experience. Each month the promotional photoshoot will be announced on social media, emails and listed on the website. Just shoot me an email and I can send you the info if you don’t see it or want more info.

All members get in on one FREE promo photoshoot every month with an option of 2 different photo themes in which to choose. If you can not make it that month/s it is entirely okay, you can gift away your promo or save/bank it for another time. Your unused money will roll over as you can do double the promos the following month or keep it for extra edits, high res Cd’s and or custom photo shoots. Members also receive access to download all of their raw photos ($95 value) Members can also take 10% off any makeup add-ons. Throughout the year, special perks will be offered to members only, i.e., FREE birthday beauty shoot and much more...

♥ In a nutshell.

Get in free once a month to the creative photo shoots provided by S.S.A Photo Club, Free web res Raw downloads of all images, 10% off Makeup added services and extra TBA perks.  If you decide to opt out from the promo of the month your $59 monthly membership amount will automatically roll over to the following month(s) to use for custom photo shoots, editing, media-Cds and more (YOU NEVER LOSE your unspent money).

♥ Fineprint.

♦ All money accumulated must be spent within a 12 month period. 

♦ Free Birthday Beauty photo shoots must take place the month of your Birthday.

♦ A 60-day notice to cancel your month to month membership.  

♦ If the shoot is hosted by a 3rd party, not with Somer Signature Art, this is not listed as a promo and not included in the S.S.A photo club.

♦ Gift Cards can no be applied to memberships but may be applied towards edits and add-ons if the gift card is valid.

♦ Somer's Signature Art (S.S.A) is NOT Somer Photography or LockBox Studios there for photo shoots not listed as the promotional shoot will be a custom shoot under the terms and conditions of

Photo Club

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